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Você está no meu espaço de imagens, arte e imaginação..


Perfil com Tela GuadalupeIsabela couto-(Bela)is 38 years old, lives in Betim, Minas Gerais – Brazil. she started painting quite late , at the age of 28, moved by her own desire and passion. but its only from 2012 on, when Isabela began to dedicate, professionally as a painter.

Gradually the demand for her art works started to grow and, nowadays, Isabela”s art work and herself have been requested, very often, not only in the Brazilian market but also in many Arts Exhibition around the world, including:

>> Carrousel do Louvre, Paris – FR ( October/2013);

>> London-UK / Vienna -AU (October 2014)

>> New York -USA ( November 2014).

Her style can be described as Free and Figurative and the dimension of her work as well as all her painting can be seen in her own site which you are kindly invited to visit at :

By Ronaldo Rodrigues de Morais


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